Thursday, April 17, 2008

“Most streams appear to travel through a country with thoughts and plans for something beyond. But those of FLORIDA are at home, do not appear to be traveling at all, and seem to know nothing of the sea…. No stream that I crossed today appeared to have the least idea where it was going.”
John Muir 1867 while traveling across Florida

Amen Brother John!
Spent the day spending my life's savings on lodging and accommodations. With Florida state parks you must pre-pay eleven months in advance for any reservation. So when I rent 5 cabins for seven days at $100. per day per cabin, times 16 lodge trips a year, it adds up quick. I almost had to get an equity line of credit on my home. Pray my trips fill or I might be moving into your basement!
Just so folks know, The Green River trip is almost filled so if you were planning on going and have not sent in your deposit, better hurry. Your deposit is the ONLY way to hold a spot.
I'm scouting the Edisto River in the next month or so. If anyone would like to join me or knows anyone that has run it, please contact me with any helpful information.

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