Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Never a bad day on the river

The sun setting outside my tent window.

The view from the other tent window

My morning suprise
So the Green River trip was a huge success. We had some rain and unreal mosquitos one night but that was the extent of any drama. It was fantastic having my brother and nephew on the river. Having good friends on board even made it more special.
After dropping everyone off at the airport I had to find a way to kill a few days with out creating the need to rob a bank. I decided on exploring Antelope Island State Park. So far I love it. No cell service, internet, stores, or real modern conviences. The nearest coffee and internet is a 25 minute drive.
The real attraction is the wildlife. My tent sets in the middle of an enormous field of sun flowers with the great salt lake and mountain range for a western backdrop. I am frequently visited by pronghorn sheep, buffalo, mice, gopher snakes, rabbits, and huge flocks of salt water shore birds. Its disturbing to have advocets, Californis Gulls, and white pelicans all around your campsite in the MIDDLE OF THE DESERT.
The field mice have really captured my attention. They chew down the sunflowers stalks like lumberjacks on a pine tree. When the sunflowers crashes into the ground a heap of mice scurry out of the sage brush and go to work on the sunflower seeds. Yesterday I heard and watched eight huge flowers fall by my campsite alone.

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whalechaser said...

OMG! Mice acting as lumberjacks! That just sounds so cool! Do they yell timber when one is about to go? I wold love to see that just once.