Thursday, September 15, 2011

Antelope Island sunset
Stayed up late chasing rabbits and mice who think they are loggers. Took off early in the morning for coffee, then decided to get lost. I drove north until I saw a saddle in the Wasatch Mountains then turned east right into them. I traveled east on Highway 37 and was greeted by enormous mountains and a waterfall. I love getting lost.
The road followed the Ogden River and past old home sites and working ranches with high mountains as a lovely backdrop. I stopped in the town of Huntsville. I checked out the library, the one bar (the shooting star), and took a quick dip in the giant lake.
After warming up I drove till the road turned to dirt and then ended at an awesome  reservoir. I found a hidden spot to jump off a high rock and skinny dip for a few minutes. I lasted seconds, melted snow water is not friendly to jump in. I ended up spooning a large black boulder to warm up. I should have dressed first because before I could even stop shivering I heard a horn honk, someone shout "what part of Florida you from", then young girls giggling. I swear, I always know what I'm doing but I never really think about what I'm about to do.

kayakers enjoying the reservoir
After what seemed to be an hour of embarrassment and explaining just how cold the water was, I managed to grab my kayak and hide in some remote corner of the canyons. I spent a heap of time on the water making sure everyone left and the police didn't show up looking for some naked park pervert.
I decided to walk around the lake and shoot some photos.

Upper Ogden River
On my hike I made an important discovery regarding the differences between the Southeast and the West.
SHADE. In the west it can be a scorching 100 degrees but you walk into the shade and it feels like its 60. Kind of like when you first walk in the door at Publix. I mean people wear fleece jackets in the shade  in the west when its very hot in the sun.
In the South there is absolutely no temperature difference between the sun and the shade. Shade is just a place where you can give your eye muscles a break from squinting and maybe clean the sweat off your sunglasses.


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