Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm sorry everybody, my computer has died. I'm stuck using Melissa's until my new Mac arrives. I have heaps of photos to share so its killing me having to wait. Apple said it should arrive by Friday..... too bad I depart for Alaska Thursday at 5 am.
   The Boys are doing great. They are both fantastic swimmers and paddlers. They are very excited about this summers paddling vacation out west. I've got them stoked about floating and padding the John Day River in Oregon. I hope I can find time to run it with them this summer. Sam says he will only go if he can portage around the rapids. I think he needs a little more time in the saddle.
  Mothers day sucked. I got in late the night before stressed out and Melissa has been sick for over a week. If she starts feeling better I will need a sitter so I can take her out for a night out. We did have an okay tome visiting Melissa's Family in Brooksville. I just wished I could have gotten over to my Moms home.

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