Sunday, May 20, 2007

It seams more and more folks have been asking me how I managed to create the life I lead. I decided to put together a list of things that can help people manage their time and keep them focused on living with a purpose.

Helpful things:

Throw away your television, all of them! Don’t even lie to yourself and say you only watch a little bit. Take the plunge and unplug. In my opinion TV is for ignorant people who have no idea how to participate in the real world or know the true value of the gift of life.

Don’t go in debt for anything with the exception of a good home and emergency medicine. It’s hard to do what you want when you’re a slave to a mean master (debt).

Work for yourself. Don’t like only having two weeks off a year? Give yourself twelve weeks of vacation!

Volunteer your time and money to a single cause you believe in. Its better to give a bunch to a single cause than a little bit too several causes.

Open your windows, walk barefoot, eat outside, piss in your backyard, and install an outdoor shower that you use. You belong in the natural world not caged in like a zoo animal. If its to hot/cold or you don’t like the weather, quit bitching and move to a climate you enjoy.

Limit your cell phone time, internet time, and time spent in your car.

Live in a neighborhood where your kids can play, you can walk to the grocery store, and your friends are your neighbors.

Homeschool your children! Don’t even think for a second that a government employee can do a better job than you at educating your child. In addition, if your planning on traveling the world, public schools will have you arrested if your child misses too much school while traveling with you.

Don’t live in fear. Don’t read the newspaper, don’t listen to the news on the radio, skip the televised news, and avoid magazines. Almost all journalism in the United States is based on scaring the shit out of its readers. If they aren’t scaring you they are trying to make you feel inferior and in need of improving. And their advertisers have the products to help you improve!

Have sex! Lots of it!

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