Sunday, February 06, 2011

Its been a busy new year, so busy the only time I have to post on my blog is 3 in the am. I've been gone most of the last month. I spent a fantastic week sea kayaking around the cape of Florida in the Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands. Met up with the guidebook writer Johnny Malloy. Its the second time our paths have crossed, however, this was the first time we camped at the same spot.
The best part was getting to spend time with long time paddling friends. Nick, Marty and Virginia.

Last week I lead a Sierra Club trip based out of Blue Springs State Park. We spent every day kayaking, birding, and observing wildlife. It was a fantastic group and the most perfect Florida Weather. My group got to paddle:
Juniper Springs
The Wekiva River
St. Johns River
Lostmans River
Spring Valley Run
We spent one day at Merritt Island NWR and Canaveral National Seashore. A day on Playlinda Beach is a very good day indeed.

I head out in the morning for another week long trip based out of Big oaks Ranch on the Econlockhatchee River. I'll be taking 12 people down the Econ, Wekiva, Rock Springs, St. Johns, and a day paddling Mosquito Lagoon. Once I return I'll have three days to spend with the family and pack for 16 days of paddling in the Exuma Islands.

Sorry no pictures, blogspot isn't letting me upload any photos.

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