Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greetings from Rainbow Falls State park on the northern most shore of Lake Superior. Yes its cold but the sun is shinning and there are no bugs. Since injuring my knee I've been exploring all the parks in Ontario off Highway 17 on the perimeter of Lake Superior by van. Its beautiful. I have to pull off every few miles and just sit on the roof of the van and look out over the lake with its pine covered islands, fog, and giant rocky shores.
I've been camping on the shore each night and I'm really into falling asleep to the sounds of water breaking on granite boulders, loons calling in the distance, and the birch leaves caught in the strong northern winds. Most mornings the temperature has been in the 40's or low 50's so getting out of the sleeping bag takes lots of motivation.
I'll make way back to Ely Saturday to pick up my group and gear then head out towards Salt Lake City Sunday.
Just for the record.......Canadian food sucks. I now know why there is no such thing as a Canadian Cuisine.

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