Saturday, September 26, 2009

We live in a large country. If you think differently get in your car and drive it from side to side or corner to corner. I recommend bringing lots of cash for gasoline. This trip out I wanted to see just how long I could drive before getting real tired. I made it from Fort Benton, Montana to Nashville, Tennessee in less than 29 hours. I tried the same stunt years ago and made the mistake of taking a few "uppers" when I was beat tired. I got so wired that I had to down a quart of beer to calm down. (I know now) Needles to say I was wide awake, buzzed, crying to Willie Nelson songs, driving with my head out the window so I could dry my eyes out and occasionally scream. I try to drive "strait" these days.

Now that I'm home I've began the process of sorting out a huge pile of mail, answering several hundred emails, returning dozens of phone calls, and try to make the wife happy after being gone for a month (i know). I'm also trying real hard to create more business. I can't speak for the whole country but most folks I talked to between Montana and here are hurting or know of people really hurting.
I'm blessed.


Chuck said...

Love the slot canyons in the White Cliffs of Montana! Did you explore any mud caves without me?

Greg Pflug said...

found two new mud caves and had a great time exploring them. When are you two heading to Cedar KEy?