Thursday, July 23, 2009

My camera should be back from the shop soon. I've missed five great trips with out it. I must have it for this years Green River and Upper Missouri trips.
  I've been spending my days learning a computer program that allows me to update, edit, and create new pages for the Adventures in Florida web site. Nothing like sitting inside behind a computer writing about being outside on a river. Its got me in a real funk, seriously. 
  Since Melissa and I decided to purchase a rental home we had to forgo the usual summer family vacation. Thats got the entire family in a serious funk. My poor wife and kids need their river time also.

Went with Marty to Pom Poms sandwich shop on Bumby. It was my third visit there. I highly recommend this place. Not only are the sandwiches out of this world and very unusual (I would never think of some of their combinations) the people who eat and work there are pretty unusual.  On your first visit get the Fu Man Chu. Its asian bbq, some weird ass dutch goat cheese, cranberries, and slaw mixed up and placed between two toasted slices of bread. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

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