Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a bad week for blogging. I have many excuses, the biggest being my camera is broken and misplaced. The water proof feature decided to fail at Blue Hole Spring last week.

We are still waiting to close on the Marks Street property. Its funny, the first house I purchased took less than five days to complete the entire sale process. I believe I just started a low wage job and Melissa was still in school, we got a loan no problem. Now its impossible to have a smooth process. The agents blame the banks and the banks blame the new regulations. I guess the whole stimulus package was just smoke and mirrors cause their isn't a bunch of lending or buying going on.

Purchased two new piglets for the office. I purchased them from a state trapper. You gotta love baby wild boars. I let them loose in the neighbors backyard because of how noisy they were stuck in a cage. I have serious doubts about getting them back into the cages today. I'm suppose to castrate them today with a little help from Quock.He will hold them down and I will get the fun part, cutting.
The great news of the last few weeks is the number of private trips being booked. If your one of the folks who booked a private trip with me for sometime in the next year, A MILLION THANK YOUS! May be the stimulus package is working.

Most guys nightly prayers all sound the same "please God don't let her be pregnant" or "I promise God I will never do that again".
for the last month mine has been "anything but an office job, please Lord anything but an office job". I pretty much repeated myself until I fell asleep.

I have to tell you how good it feels knowing that for at least the next year everything is going to be all right.

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Honuboy said...

You're telling me, brother. Anything, but the hell I'm in now!