Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kathy the dare devil cheating death once again.

The highlight of my day was getting my teeth cleaned for the first time since 2003. No cavities. My teeth now feel slimy.
I finished building my retention wall between me and the "house of death". The wall should keep sand, leaves, blood, and bad energy from creeping into my yard and carport. It looks nice however, I need Steve Johnson's magic landscaping touch to make it look more "Marks Street" perfect.
For some reason Gator now refers to his testicles as his "whiskers". Sam calls the whole package his "wedgie" or "ball sack". They didn't pick this up from me. I believe its a Rhodes thing to give private parts special names. For example:
The women in Melissa's family call their girl parts "The Monkey" or "Poe Poe". I've thought about googling all these pet names but then I start thinking of all the weird spam I would begin to get.

Tonight I start shopping for two week long back to back trips. I'm very excited because its getting warm and a bunch of good friends are coming down to go paddling with me.


Kimberly said...

We have "cookies" and "weiners" around here! LOL

Roger told me that your mom taught you guys to call yours "little soldier"!

Jenn said...

We call our's a "peni" and a "nunu".

Anonymous said...

The guys on the radio here in NJ call it "the coin purse" (for guys), and "punani" (for gals).

Greg Pflug said...

Punani may refer to:
Punani, Sri Lanka, a small hamlet in Sri Lanka made famous in 1920 by a man-eating leopard
A Jamaican Patois term for the vagina or vulva, used as slang in British/American English
Hawaiian slang for "vagina" or "vulva", derived from the Hawaiian word "puanani" meaning "beautiful flower".
Punani is a brown bean, which is grown in the Himalayas. It has a symbolic value in religious rites that are held to honour the goddess of fertility.[citation needed]

Tricia said...

House of in the house you have a contract on?
I taught my kids the proper names...vagina and penis, though we now refer to it as our who-ha.