Monday, December 22, 2008

Just thought I would post a few more pictures from this week in SUNNY, WARM, and FRIENDLY FLORIDA. If you live north of Atlanta and have signed up for next weeks Everglades Base Camp outing, SCORE! You have made a wise choice.

So I read in today's paper that unemployment is at a record high, foreclosures up, and the dollars future is weak. The best piece of news was that Bank executives are still flying in private corporate jets and have no idea where the 800 billion dollar bail out money has gone. If you are an elected official in this country who voted for these bailouts, you are a serious dumb ass or a serious thief who's made a few friends really wealthy.
Its time we voted for working people who attended public universities not Ivy league trust fund babies. Men and women who's children take the bus to public school. While we are at it lets make elected officials live in public housing, pay them minimum wage (its a living wage), take away their health care plans, mandate that they have to exclusively travel via public transportation, and demand that their children attend the public school nearest their public housing. Hell lets drug test them prior to giving them their food stamps.

I've only been back in society a few days and I already need to get back into the wilderness.

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