Thursday, October 02, 2008

First of all, with Halloween just around the corner please check all the candy that you purchase and make sure NONE OF IT IS MADE IN CHINA. More tainted candy has popped up in several states. Its obvious our representatives in Washington are more concerned with paying back their rich banking campaign contributors than the health and welfare of you, me, and the rest of working America. Its obvious the United States should ban all imported food items made in China. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Off my soap box.......
Returned from South Carolina's Edisto River early this morning. I brought back a couple hundred chiggers under my bleeding skin. Hell can be found on earth, especially in grassy marshes. The paddling was superb, the company was of the highest standard, and the low country scenery was breath-taking. Spotted a few gators, otters, cow killers, barred owls, wild hogs, wild turkey, and a copperhead. Of course a heap of large wading birds and my first least bittern in three years. Loved it!

If your up that way check out Carolina Heritage Outfitters. Great group of guys who love the low-country and love helping folks enjoy the river. In addition make sure and stop a Duke's BBQ in Walterborough, SC. Best pulled pork, collards, fried chicken, and mac and cheese I've had in a long while.


Kimberly said...

You never came by for the great Edisto River maps that I got for you!!!!!

Gotta love SC!

Tricia said...

Yay! Your home!