Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now that we are in Salt lake City and not packing up and moving every other day, I'm wishing I would have brought my laptop. My camera needs downloaded and Melissa's lap top has no more memory left in the hard drive. I've been using her photos for the blog. I guess everyone will have to wait like me for the photos.
We are spending the day around the city visiting our favorite spots. Mostly Liberty Park, The public library, farmers market (so huge Winter Park should be ashamed), and several ice cream/coffee shops. Tonight we are having a bbq with Derrick, Kim, and a few of their friends.
 The more I see of Salt Lake City the more ashamed I am of Orlando and the elected people who run it. Orlando has more people and a larger tax base, however, its evident that the officials in SLC are spending the publics money in the interest of the public. Huge family friendly parks, open spaces, public transportation that people use, fantastic library, and zoning. I mean zoning that can't be changed with bribe money. The City of Orlando funds new arenas, ballet, and the performing arts. What working family can afford Magic tickets or hangs out at the ballet?

I'm mailing in a written offer on the farm in N.C tonight. The farm is about 15 minutes north of Franklin. Its 10.5 acres, a house, two barns, a seasonal creek, and 1200' of frontage a a larger creek that flows all year. The home is a two one built in 1935, It also has a loft. By the house there is a spring house built into the mountain thats made of field stones, is about 8' by 8' and remains a cool 46 degrees all year. It would make a great place to live and work the land. At best, Melissa will only let the family live there during the heat of Florida's summer.


Tricia said...

I went to the Winter Park Farmers Market yesterday, and there wasn't a single produce booth. Just alot of gourmet products, several booths geared to dog treats, at least 400 women with fake boobs, with annoying little dogs on leashes running around tripping people.

Jenn said...

We certainly need a better Farmers Market. Yesterday I tried to go to the Maitland version and it was closed due tot he rain. However, they supposidly have 300 booths. 9-1 on Sun. So, next week. I love NC We be there to visit and play in the creeks. Love, Jenn