Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just another day in the life............  It was time to restock the larder so Quock and I butchered one of the pigs. Scraping the hair off is much harder than carving steaks.
Took the boys "exploring" on the  Winter Park Chain Of Lakes. We paddled Gator and my favorite canal, the Lake Sue. Sam hates it because of the enormous amount of spiders that make it into the canoe and on him. Gator just shoots everything with his cap gun.
Sam loved making fun of this sign after I read it to him. He was like "of course Gators on this lake, he lives here". Once I explained the sign was talking about alligators, Sam said  "How stupid, this is Florida".
We decided to clean up at Dinky Dock with a quick swim, however, another "Florida Only" sign was stuck at the waters edge. I read this one to Sam and he started crying and screaming that amoeba were all over him and he was going to die. I tried calming him down saying they have to go up his nose but he couldn't hear me over Gator yelling "I see amoeba swimming in da  wata, they are ebby-where"!

  So anyone reading this and is considering moving to Florida please take caution. Our lakes are full of deadly amoeba and flesh eating alligators, spiders are every where and will find a way to get on you, and everyone is a redneck with large livestock kept in their backyards. No shit, its best if you just visit, hire a guide.


Chuck said...

I know a good guide I can recommend! I've been on 8 of his trips!

Jan said...

I guess I learned about amoebas today. I can live with just visiting and hiring a guide.