Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm home once again. I came home to Gator sticking his tounge out yelling at me about stitches and being brave. It turns out he bit his tonge in half and had to have it stitched back together. Melissa forgot to take pictures of the event so I guess I will keep my "G" rating for another few days. Its pretty morbid looking so I'll wait and post photos of his next visit to the E.R. I believe he is up to 12 stitches so far. Sam has started calling Gator "stitch". Gator reminds Sam that its now his turn too get the next batch of stitches.

Melissa flys out Wednesday with Sam to Salt Lake City. I purchased them a ski trip for Christmas. Sam is way stoked about learning to snow board, flying on a plane, and having a snowball fight against his mommy. Gator and I will spend the week eating out, paddling a few rivers, and visiting relatives so I can relax.
I start three weeks of tours next week with no time off in between. The first two weeks will be at Big Oaks touring local rivers, springs, and the coast. The last week will be paddling in North Florida on six different rivers. I'm really looking forward to it. The swamps, rivers, and springs of North Florida are my favorite places to be guiding.
For those of you who are wondering........
Yes, thats a beer can stuck on the racoons leg. He has been like this for two years that I know about. He lives on Rabbit Key in the Everglades National Park. You can hear him dragging along way before you see him. I've named him BUD.

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Jan said...

Oh, How sad for the racoon. We should have trapped him while we were there and taken the beer can off his leg.