Wednesday, January 09, 2008

                                                                     An island is born

I finally got some time to download my Everglades Photos. Its been extremely busy since returning from my last trip.
   Today I took a bike tour of Forever Florida. It was actually a training trip, I start guiding there on January 21st. I'm the sweep on the bike tour and the naturalist. Naturalist being the person who knows all the flora and fauna, not the person who doesn't wear clothes at the beach.
   Tomorrow I get the joyful experience of getting a biopsy on a large lump on center of my chest. Melissa found it the other day. I think its just a butter lump like old dogs get. Quock offered to dig it out for me, cheap. I said no, however, Sam and Gator thought it to be a good idea and wanted to watch. Gator even got his first aid kit out then told me that it wouldn't hurt for very long. I held my ground.

                                                        Running from the coming storm

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Kimberly said...

Let me know when you have a photo ready for shirts.

You might want to call the guys at HES Printing, for a quote on printing shirts. They use to do all of our Cub Scout shirts. There are a couple of other cheap ones in town that I will get the names of for you.

I think the lump may be your third nipple erupting! Put some fish oil on it and and rub it for an hour 4 times a day! It will pucker up nicely before you know it! LOL