Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today I recieved a phone call from a past participant who wanted me to BLOG some ideas for New Years resolutions. I asked her why, because everyone always resolves the same damn thing every year. "This year I'm really going to loose weight and this year I mean it, "this year I'm getting off the booze", "this is the year I'm finnally going to learn Spanish". It all seems boring and repeatative.
For the record I don't believe I've ever made a New Years resolution. Why should I? I bullshit so much why go so far as to lie to myself?

So for all you folks that need some resolutions for 2008 Here are my suggestions for you:

- Get rid of your television, forever.

- Meet your neighbors, all of them. Know every persons name on your street including the mailman and garbage man. Give
them all hugs.

- Kill some stray cats. Damn things are ruining the natural environment.

- Travel to a place you've never been.

- Vote and don't vote for career politicians, lawyers, or Ivey league grads. Its time working folk run this country.

- Have more sex, don't let being alone be your excuse.

- Take a kid fishing, hunting, birding, hiking, or kayaking. Any kid will do.

- Don't stay in a job you don't enjoy. A large salary, insurance, and benefits are cheap substitutes for real living.

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Jenn said...

Love it Greg! Although you know we are T.V. wimps....